Stop the Bleed
 Stop the Bleed infographic

Mass casualty events like mass shootings, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks can happen at any time and anywhere. Critical training through the nationwide campaign is offered to the public locally through Pennington County Emergency Management to help save lives during emergency situations. Severe bleeding can take a life in minutes if not controlled.

Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death in mass casualty events like mass shootings, terrorist attacks and large-scale disasters. Timing in an emergency situation is critical. “Significant external bleeding can result from everyday events such as a motorcycle crash or industrial accident. First responders will arrive as quickly as possible, but bystanders are often on scene first,” says Dustin Willett, Pennington County Emergency Management Director. “This course teaches participants basic bleeding control steps that can be taken immediately with items typically at hand, as well as instruction with medical devices such as a tourniquet and gauze.”

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