Family Communication Plan

Families may not be together when an emergency happens. Meet with your family and discuss how to prepare for different types of emergencies. Decide how you will communicate with each other. Who will be your out-of-town contact if local phones are affected?


Create a paper copy for your family of the contact information for other important people and office phone numbers for doctors, school and pertinent service providers.

Click to print your own cards.


Make sure everyone carries a copy in a backpack, purse or wallet. (Use the card below to get started and make copies for everyone) Also post the information in a central location in your home on your refrigerator or family bulletin board.


Have regular household meetings to review and practice your plan.

Text Is Best

If you are using a mobile phone, a text message may get through when a phone call will not because a text message requires less bandwidth than a phone call. When service or capacity is maxed, messages will also save and then send automatically when service is available.