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The state of South Dakota Office of Emergency Management has implemented a statewide accountability and credentialing system in accordance with NIMS, NFPA and State Strategic Goals for homeland security: Comprehensive Resource Management and Credentialing System (CRMCS). CRMCS builds upon these systems to provide agencies statewide the opportunity to benefit from these capabilities.

Data Collection

The following forms have been developed to help collect personnel information for an agency's selected designee for entering information and requesting cards be printed. Only items notated in red on the form are needed for each record. Other information can be added as each agency sees fit. 
*The "Excel Department Data" form is preferable to use when first entering your whole department.

Data Entry

The below links provide guidance on how to enter information in the system for individuals or resources to print on the card.

All data entry questions should be directed to Lisa Swartz with the South Dakota Office of Emergency Managment at 605-773-3231.