Inmate Bail

Public Safety Assessment (PSA)

The Public Safety Assessment (PSA) is a predictive tool utilizing evidence based, objective data measuring the likelihood of an individual to re-offend prior to the next court appearance.  It measures the probability of new crime committal and failure to return for future court hearings.


If “PSA” is listed as the bond type, there is not a monetary bond currently available for that charge. The PSA is conducted during the booking process. An inmate will either be released on a Personal Recognizance bond or held for judicial review depending on the results of the PSA. 


When an inmate is held on multiple charges with separate bonds, all bond types must be resolved for release. For instance, if a monetary bond is posted on one charge but the PSA on another charge requires judicial review, the inmate cannot be released. Monetary bonds cannot be “refunded” if the inmate is held for judicial review due to the result of the PSA.


If the bond type changes from “PSA” to “No Bond”, there will no additional information available until after the case is reviewed by a judge.