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A temporary permit to carry a concealed pistol shall be issued within five days of application to a person if the applicant:

  1. Is eighteen years of age or older
  2. Has never pled guilty to, nolo contendre to, or been convicted of a felony or crime of violence. (A person who has pled guilty to a felony and received a Suspended Imposition of Sentence is not eligible for a Concealed Pistol Permit.)
  3. Is not habitually in an intoxicated or drugged condition.
  4. Has no history of violence.
  5. Has not been found in the previous ten years to be a "danger to others or a "danger to self" as defined in SDCL 27A-1-1 or is not currently adjudged mentally incompetent.
  6. Has physically resided in and is a resident of the county where the application is being made for at least thirty days immediately preceding the date of the application;
  7. Has had no violations of Chapter 23-7 (firearms control) 22-14 (unlawful use of weapons) or 22-42 (controlled substances and marijuana) constituting a felony or misdemeanor in the five years preceding the date of application or is not currently charged under indictment or information for such an offense.
  8. Is a citizen or a legal resident of the United States.
  9. Is not a fugitive from justice.

The permit is valid throughout South Dakota except in any licensed on-sale malt beverage or alcoholic beverage or alcoholic beverage establishment that derives over one-half of its total income from the sale of malt or alcoholic beverages (SDCL 23-7-8.1); any county court house as defined in SDCL 22-14-22; or any elementary or secondary schools (SDCL 13-27-7).  The permit is also valid in states in which South Dakota has reciprocity agreements (SDCL 23-7-7.3).   The permit is not transferable from one person to another (SDCL 23-7-8.3).

You do not need a permit if the UNLOADED weapon is carried:

  • In the trunk or other closed compartment of the vehicle.
  • In a closed container which is too large to be effectively concealed on the person or within his clothing.  The container may be carried in a vehicle or in any other manner. (SDCL 22-14-10)

False Information No person, in purchasing or otherwise securing delivery of a pistol or in applying for a permit to carry a concealed pistol, may give false information or offer false evidence of his identity. A violation of this section is a Class 6 felony (SDCL 23-7-12 punishable by two years/$2000 fine). This includes providing false information as to place of residence.

If you meet the above criteria, you may apply for a concealed pistol permit. You will receive your temporary permit within five working days, after a background investigation is completed . Your laminated permit will be mailed to you from the Secretary of State in Pierre within 2-4 weeks of application and is valid for four years from the date of issue.  If you do not receive your laminated permit from Pierre within 60 days, please contact the Secretary of State at 605-773-3537.

You may view a sample application here: Concealed Weapons Permit Application (sample).  However you may not use a downloaded application to apply - YOU MUST APPLY FOR A CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT IN PERSON. 

Yearly Permit Applications
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017  2018
4,191 3,206 3,502 4,155 3205  2,488
Concealed Weapons Permit Information Booklet
A concealed weapon permit general information booklet may be requested by mail or by phone through the Secretary of State Office at:

Secretary of State 500 E. Capitol Ave Pierre, SD 57501-5070 or call (605)773-3537.
The information is also available online at the South Dakota Secretary of State's website.

Concealed Weapons Permit Reciprocity

South Dakota has reciprocity for concealed weapons permits; this reciprocity is the result of a law that took effect July 1, 2002. To find additional information on this and South Dakota firearms laws and the current reciprocity list please visit the Secretary of State's website. These reciprocity agreements make your pistol permit valid in the states listed below and their residents' permits are valid in South Dakota. You must comply with the laws of the state you are entering. 

South Dakota currently has reciprocity with the following states:

Alabama Alaska* Arizona Arkansas Colorado*
Florida* Georgia* Idaho Iowa Indiana
Kansas Kentucky* Louisiana Maine Michigan*
Mississippi Missouri Montana North Carolina* North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Tennessee* Texas
Utah* Vermont Virginia* West Virginia Wyoming*

*Only South Dakota permits issued to those who are 21 years of age and older are recognized.