Ordinance 28

PENNINGTON COUNTY ORDINANCE NO. 28 - An ordinance of the County of Pennington, State of South Dakota, providing for licensing of video lottery machines.

Be it ordained by Pennington County, State of South Dakota, that:

There is hereby imposed on any person who is licensed pursuant to Subdivisions 4, 11, 14, or 17 of SDCL 35-4-2 and who is issued a video lottery establishment  license pursuant to SDCL 42-7A-41, an annual license fee for the privilege of locating video lottery machines on the licensed premises.  The fee for each video lottery machine is fifty dollars ($50.00) per year. This Ordinance shall be effective on the 1st day of October, 1992.

Approved this 1st day of September, 1992.

Neal Strand, Chairman

Pennington County Commissioners

First Reading: August 4, 1992
Second Reading and Adoption: September 1, 1992
Date of Publication: September 18, 1992
Effective Date: October 8, 1992

Attest: Julie Johnson, Auditor