Owner Occupied

What is Owner Occupied?

An owner occupied classification makes a property eligible for a reduced tax levy.

Will it affect my current taxes?

No - it will apply to the assessment you receive in March for taxes payable the following January.

When to apply?

Application dates are September 1 through March 15.  It is only available during this time frame.

How do I qualify?

Property owners of single-family residences must meet the following requirements to qualify for owner occupied:

      • Own and occupy the property as of November 1 of the current year.
      •        Only one property may be classed as owner occupied.
      •        The property must be your principle residence.
      •        Contractors may apply for up to four homes.  


Where do I apply? 

Please use the following form to apply for Owner Occupied or for assistance stop by our office.


Owner Occupied Application