Western SD Juvenile Services Center



Visitation by the general population is scheduled based on the juvenile's security classification. Call 605-394-2639 or see our Visitation Rules and Schedule.

When a juvenile is detained at our facility, the need to stay connected becomes more important. Families and friends of detainees may send money orders to the below address to set up pre-paid telephone and/or chirping (texting) accounts:

Combined Public Communications (CPC)
PO Box 76573
Highland Heights, KY 41076

or call 877-998-5678


Customers should include their telephone number and indicate Pennington County Juvenile Services as the facility where their loved one is located. Customers will need their loved one's jacket number to put money on the accounts. This number is given to the parent/legal guardian upon intake. 

Mail must be delivered through the US Postal Service and addressed to:

Juvenile Services Center
3505 Cambell Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

The juvenile's name must be clearly marked, as well as the sender's return address.