4-H Recognition

Member Recognition

Pennington County 4-H member recognition is used to encourage and support the efforts of youth as they increase their 4-H project area knowledge and develop life skills. There are four kinds of recognition available to Pennington County 4-H members:

Participation | Achievement | Project | Top 4-H Awards


While not required, 4-H members are encouraged to achieve the standards set forth my Pennington County 4-H.


The Pennington County 4-H Member Recognition Guide is the complete source of information for recognition standards in Pennington County 4-H.


4-H Member Key Award
The Key Award is given at the state level. It is for 4-H members who have passed their 16th birthday. The requirements are included in the above Member Recognition Guide. 



Club of Merit

Planning is an important life skill acquired in the 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP). 4-H club planning is a great way to practice this skill.

The Pennington County 4-H Club of Merit Award Packet has been designed to assist clubs in completing both Pennington County and SDSU Extension 4-H YDP expectations, including requirements to be a Club in Good Standing, maintain the 4-H Club Charter, and use the 4-H Name and Emblem.


The plan provides the club a checklist to meet Pennington County and SDSU Extension policies and expectations as well as to aid in the development of high-quality educational programming. The information can also be used as an annual club evaluation tool.

Each club has an opportunity to develop its own annual program plan that meets the needs of its members. The plan should include an educational program that provides a variety of learning experiences. Each 4-H club is encouraged to establish a planning committee of 4-H members and club officers to work with the 4-H club leader to develop the club's program for the coming year.

Each 4-H club needs to be intentional in their efforts to provide an optimum environment for positive youth development. These efforts include active participation by each member in the process that is purposeful and developmental.


The Pennington County Club of Merit Packet is the complete source of information for club standards in Pennington County 4-H.