Detainee Services

Mail: Detainees may send and receive letter size mail (not packages or large envelopes, with the exception of legal correspondence). All letters must go out and come in by US mail. Free letter day is Wednesday. Stamps may be delivered or mailed to the WSDJSC for detainee's use to facilitate additional written communication. Envelopes are to capture address and return address. Envelopes must not encompass any stickers, drawings, etc. or mail service may be interrupted and the letter returned to the sender or placed in the detainee's property until release.

Telephone: Collect call only telephones are located in the dayrooms. Telephones are available for use only during dayroom leisure hours. A 10-minute limit is placed on all calls to ensure all detainees have access to the telephones. Local attorney calls may be made from the dayroom telephones free of charge. Detainees are not allowed to receive incoming telephone calls.

Release of Property or Mail: For property or money to be released, the individual in custody must fill out a release form stating the individual that will be picking up the released items. Arrangements for this procedure will be made through mail or scheduled visitation. Property or money can be picked up during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm) with proper identification.

Turning Yourself In: Self Turn Ins must be court ordered. If any problems occur, you will need to contact your Probation Officer.