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8th Annual SD Salutes Appreciation Shooting Competitions - Hunter's Pointe near Humbolt, SD

As a reminder our group was originally formed in 2016 and has three objectives:

  1. An annual shooting competition. An appreciation event to say "thank you" to the first responders and military personnel who serve & protect the citizens of South Dakota. We do this through a shooting competition held each year on the last Monday and Tuesday of September at Hunters Pointe near Humboldt.
  2. A loss of life fund. A special trust fund intended to bridge the immediate financial concerns of families of South Dakota First Responders who have died in the “line of duty.” We do this through a $10,000 check which is provided to the family within a couple of days of their loss… we did have a loss of life this year following the death of Volunteer Firefighter Fred Fedeler of the Chester VFD | Last Alarm 4/22/2023
  3. A special needs fund. A fund created to provide "seed money" that can be leveraged through matching local funds, providing financial resources to cover unmet needs of rural South Dakota emergency response organizations. In the last two years, we have provided grants totaling $51,000 to 14 organizations across the state.


*Information PDF located at the bottom of the page.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support South Dakota Salutes, and more importantly, thank you for what you and those under your direction do to keep us safe every day!!