Events & Training Calendar

Southeast District Fire School - Lesterville, SD


Lesterville Fire Station

Lesterville, SD

Morning classes:
EV for First Responders - Leroy Ainslie
- Class covers What is coming with new Vehicle Technology, Brief History of Electric Vehicles, Charging Systems, Safety, Battery Make-up, Chemical Make-up of the Off-gasses, Proper way to Approach, Immobilize, and Disable EV, Access to ERGs, How to Identify, and How to fight a Fire involving an Electric Vehicle.

Agricultural Rescue - Professional Rescue Innovations
-This class teaches the skills needed to safely and efficiently perform rescues involving agricultural machinery. The class focuses on classifications of agricultural equipment, common injuries and accidents, and patient stabilization and extrication.  This course will discuss farm machinery accidents to include: tractors, combines, hay balers, augers, animal incidents, farm chemicals. This course will take an in-depth look at agricultural trauma, focusing on injuries from accidents created by these farm implements. Discussion will also cover an overview of farm equipment used during harvest season, and methods used during these rescue situations. The hands-on portion of the course will focus on corn head entrapment & auger entanglement provided on a mobile simulator equipment trailer.

Afternoon classes:
Auto Extrication - Leroy Ainslie & Glen Zupfer
- DEMO CLASS - This class will give students a chance to practice their skills on various automotive extrication techniques. Will have various battery-operated tools to be able to demo. Here's your chance to demo various battery operated tools without scheduling for your own department night.

Agricultural Emergency Care - SIM-SD
- Class will cover Ag-related trauma emergencies and have a hands-on portion dealing with a Trauma Emergency.

All Day Class
Grain Bin Rescue - Professional Rescue Innovations
-This class is designed to raise awareness about bin-rescue procedures and equipment, will provide extensive hands-on training. Participants will gain experience working in grain bins and using technical rescue equipment, such as ropes, harnesses, carabineers, mechanical-advantage systems, anchorage points, cofferdams, breathing apparatus, tripods, and victim packaging.  They will experience first-hand an actual engulfment and the pressures involved on their body. Participants will get their hands dirty. We will be simulating engulfment, and actually be pulling people out of grain, just like in a rescue situation. We’ll be packaging people and pulling them through the roofs of bins, working at heights, and building cofferdams in grain. We’re going to show how time-intensive and how difficult these things can be. Hands-on will be accomplished using a mobile grain bin simulator trailer.

The morning EV Class and afternoon Auto Extrication, as well as the morning Ag Rescue and afternoon Ag Emergency Care classes are meant to compliment each other, but can be taken separately if the student chooses.