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Badlands District Fire School

Badlands District Fire School

Mission Fire Department

September 16th, 2023

  1.     Incident Report Writing, 3-hour AM class

Everyone hates paperwork but having a good report on file for the incidents you respond to helps not only your department but also assists the state and federal agencies with more accurate statistics as to the problem fire plays within our nation. “Do I really need to fill one of these reports out when I go get Mrs. Jones's cat out of the tree?” I can assure you having a report for something like this on file may prove beneficial for you and/or someone in your department in the event Mrs. Jones's cat scratches you while you get it out of the tree and a week later you need to go see the Dr. and his diagnosis is:” Cat Scratch Fever.” This may sound absurd as an example, but what about you and your department’s response to a fatal house fire that occurred nearly five years prior? The Chief doesn’t have to be the only one to fill out these reports. The officer in charge should be the one to fill out the report for when they are in charge and/or at least obtain all the needed information for the person that will write the report thereafter.

Instructor: Doug Hinkle, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal


  1.     What a Volunteer Department Needs to Know, 3-hour PM class

How do you know you don’t know? This class is an overview and discussion about laws, standards, and ordinances specifically pertaining to the fire service that are promulgated at the federal, state and some local levels. Recommended for those that are in management positions with fire department operations, fire prevention/code enforcement, or those that deal with building fire and life safety issues as well as the up-and-coming firefighter.

Instructor: Doug Hinkle, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal


  1.     Vehicle Extrication, 6-hour class, limit 20

This course provides hands-on training for fire and rescue personnel in size-up, stabilization, hazard control, patient access, and disentanglement in automobile crashes. Emphasis is placed on proper choice, placement, and use of equipment available locally. All are employed to think outside the box and complete the extrication with hydraulic tools using the jaws, shears, and rams, along with air bags, cribbing for stabilization along with other tools available.

Protective Clothing Required

Instructors: Zane Hamiel and Blake Nielsen, Winner Fire Dept


  1.     Basic Aerial Operations 6-hour class, limit 15

This course is designed to provide Firefighters with a basic understanding of the design, operation, and deployment of aerial apparatus. Students will be introduced to the various types of aerial apparatus that are used in the fire service, safe procedures for stabilization, aerial device operation, and the tactical deployment of aerial devices. Students will participate in drills that require positioning, stabilizing, and operating aerial apparatus and aerial devices. Drills will be performed on aerial apparatus made available by host departments.

PPE Required- Helmet w/eye protection, gloves, and closed-toe footwear.

Instructor: Chief Ron Hines, Huron Fire Dept.



8 a.m.-9 a.m.                                                                                      Registration @ Boys & Girls Club

9 a.m.-12 p.m.                                                                                   Classes

12 p.m.-1 p.m.                                                                                   Lunch & Business Meeting

1 p.m.-?                                                                                               Classes


Registration: $15.00 per person.

Departments In the Badlands District must pay their 2023 dues of $50.00 per department.

Lunch will be provided on-site for a free-will donation.

For more information call Joe Moore @ 605-515-2488


Mission Boys & Girls Club

435 2nd St.

Mission, SD 57555