Events & Training Calendar

Central District Spring Fire School - Highmore, SD

Highmore Fire Station

102 Commercial Ave.

Highmore, SD 57345


Smoke House/SCBA, 6-hour all day course (limit 20)

Training will cover basics of SCBA and Ventilation in the morning classroom. The remainder of the morning and afternoon will be spent in an acquired structure covering search and ventilation. This is hands-on training will utilize cold smoke to simulate and IDLH Atmosphere.  (Structural PPE and SCBA required.)

Instructor:  Jay Winter Huron Fire Dept.


E.V.O.C. (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course),                                      6-hour all day course (limit 20)

Drive to Arrive! Every responder hopes they will never be involved in an accident when responding to an emergency. This class and driving course will help to show you what’s involved while responding with lights and sirens. It may also help if the tragic happens and your driving record is called into question. Completing a recognized EVOC class will give you some information on “where to start” with driving first response vehicles. Be prepared to drive the course. HIPPA is also offered as a part of this course, as patient privacy is a big part of our first responder world.

Instructors: Arlen Gortmaker, Miller Fire Department


Fentanyl and Meth Recognition, 3-hour morning course (No limit)

This course will provide current information to recognize indicators of the presence of a possible meth lab operation and/or fentanyl and the hazards associated with these hazardous products. It will also provide information for scene security and necessary precautions in an IDLH atmosphere.

Instructor: Representatives from the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation


L.E.A.D.: Four Steps to Build Quality Leaders and Highly Motivated Followers. 3-hour afternoon course (no limit)

This course looks at a variety of leadership issues that affect accountability and safety. Discussion includes the impact of generational change, organizational and interpersonal dynamics, and ten personality types found in the fire service. “L.E.A.D.” forms the foundation of organizational strength to mold high functioning and cohesive teams.

Instructor: Ron Hines, Huron Fire Department


Cost: $15.00 registration includes lunch and business meeting

7:30 AM-8:30 AM                                           Registration/Opening Statements

8:45 AM-12:00 PM                                         Classes

12:00-1:30 PM                                                Lunch and Business Meeting

1:30 PM-4:30 PM                                           Classes


For additional information contact Ethan Thomas, 605-461-1642