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19th Annual Guns N' Hoses Blood Drive

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The 19th Annual Guns N Hoses Blood Drive will kick off the week of June 25th! We are tied 9 to 9 and it’s a tie breaker year. Scan the QR codes  to make an appointment for whichever day is convenient for you and help the Fire Department remain champions! You can also just walk in as well, but might have to wait a bit. PLEASE come donate blood … we will be at the Mall in the food court at the former Maple Street BBQ place (enter through the food court) Tuesday the 25th from 11:30-5:30, Wednesday the 26th 11:30-5:30, Thursday the 27th 7:30-1:30, and Friday the 28th 7:30-1:30. The kickoff event will take place on Tuesday the 25th at 10:00 a.m. at the Skylight area near JCPenney with some sumo wrestling in the inflatable suits … PD against FD … come cheer on Hilde, it will be best out of 3. I would really appreciate all the support I can get these 4 days! Thank you so much!