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Electric Vehicle Training

WREA’s Safety Committee is excited to announce the collaboration with the Rapid City Fire Department in orchestrating an electric vehicle knowledge and fire safety day/evening. This event is aimed at educating and equipping our local city fire department and volunteer fire departments with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to electric vehicle-related incidents, particularly fires. WREA will be opening the shop with EV’s on display for First Responders. The Rapid City Fire Department will have staff on hand to discuss best practices to combating EV/battery fires as crews rotate through the shop all three days.


Event Details:

  • Date and Time:
    • July 18th  8am – 4pm
    • July 19th  8am – 4pm and 5pm – 7pm
    • July 20th  8am – 4 pm


  • Location: 3250 E. Hwy 44, Rapid City, SD
  • Agenda:
    • Introduction to Electric Vehicles (EVs)
    • Display of Multiple EV Models
    • Training Session on EV Fires
    • Hands-on Demonstration on Responding to EV Fires
    • Q&A Session with EV Experts


These videos and the recorded PowerPoint presentation are encouraged to be done before the week of July 17th. This will give you enough information to ask some good questions. The 18th, 19th,20th of July we will be rotating crews through West River Electric. This will be the show and tell portion of the training.  Drink lots of water, Ask questions, Have fun.  

Copy the link below into your search bar and watch the short video:

Copy the link below into your search bar and watch the short video:

Copy the link into your search bar and watch two videos, and look at the ERG for electric vehicle: