Marriage License

Register of Deeds - Marriage License

  • Marriage license must be purchased BEFORE ceremony is performed.
  • Photo ID Required Examples: Driver's License, State ID, Military ID, Tribal Photo ID, etc.
  • Fee: $40.00 CASH - NO CHECKS (Credit cards are accepted with an additional fee of $2.50)
  • Minimum Age:
    • 16 with parental consent and birth certificate
    • 18 without parental consent
  • Blood Test: Not required in South Dakota
  • Waiting Period: No waiting period.  License may be used the same day.  Licenses are valid for 90 days. 
  • Both applicants must be present to purchase the marriage license.  The Marriage License Application Worksheets are available at the Register of Deeds office.
  • License may be used anywhere in South Dakota

Once a couple has indicated to us that they wish to obtain a marriage license, we will determine they both have valid photo IDs with birth date and are over 18 years of age, have the $40.00 fee in cash or $42.50 if using a credit card, and are planning to be married within 90 days.  There is a small application form to complete.  We then verify the information they have provided on the application to the ID cards.  The marriage license and certificate are then entered and printed on computer.  After the couple has reviewed the license for accuracy, we will obtain and verify signatures.  They will be briefed at that time on how the license must be completed at the time of their marriage.

The cost for a certified copy of marriage license after filing is $15.00.

Important Notes

  • Marriage license must be purchased before ceremony is performed.

  • No personal checks are accepted for marriage licenses.
  • Pennington County does not have any Justices of the Peace to perform marriages.