Work Release

The Pennington County Jail maintains a Work Release Program which allows an inmate to maintain his or her employment, search for employment or attend school, while being fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet and serving a court ordered sentence.

Inmates must be sentenced to the Work Release Program on all charges in order to participate in the program. Violation of the Work Release rules may result in the suspension of Work Release privileges by the Court.

Inmates will not be allowed to enter the Work Release Program with a positive result from the mandatory initial urinalysis test. Inmates may retest after 10 days and then once every 10 days until the test is negative.

Inmates sentenced to the Pennington Co Jail Work Release Program will be classified as Unemployed or Employed:

Unemployed inmates will be scheduled for orientation to be fitted with an Electronic Monitoring device, housed in the Work Release Facility, and be allowed a maximum of two weeks for job search. Outside programs will not be allowed during job search. The standard room and board fee will be charged to the inmate’s account, which will be suspended once the inmate begins to pay work release fees.

It is the inmate’s responsibility to enter the facility without any contraband. Absolutely no contraband will be allowed or tolerated inside the Work Release facility. Contraband is anything not listed on the approved property list.

Employed inmates will be allowed Home Detention on Electronic Monitoring with Work Release privileges. Residence curfew will be established upon job verification with an approved schedule and court ordered programs. 1.5 hours will be allowed before and after work for travel and errands. Work Release fees will be collected one week in advance, beginning the first Tuesday after release on Electronic Monitoring.

Inmates are responsible for providing and maintaining a current work schedule. The Work Release Program Staff will customize a facility or residence curfew based upon that schedule and monitor the inmate’s activity via electronic monitoring and site inspections.

Random alcohol and urinalysis testing will be conducted during the inmate’s involvement in the program. Costs associated with testing are the responsibility of the inmate and will be collected at the time the test is administered.

Inmates must call in each morning to be notified if they are required to report for a breathalyzer or urinalysis test. Costs associated with testing are the responsibility of the inmate and will be collected at the time the test is administered.

In the Work Release Program, inmates are responsible for their own medical care. Inmates must notify Work Release staff and their employer if medical issues prevent them from being at work or their residence during established times.


For your Information:

Random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing will be conducted as deemed appropriate. You will need to call 1-855-769-5566 each day between 1:00am and 7:00am to check in and find out if you are required to provide a sample. You will be required to enter a pin #, which will be your master ID #.

Random testing will be conducted at the 24/7 facility located at 111 New York St., Rapid City, SD. UA's will be done between 5:30am and 8:00am. The telephone number to the 24/7 program facility is 605-716-7366.

Urinalysis testing is $10.00.  You will be required to pay this fee at the time of the administering of the test. Failure to bring the appropriate amount of money will result in a violation.

Work release fees are to be turned in at the 24/7 facility on Tuesday of each week. The designated hours are from 9:00am to 10:00am. This is mandatory. You will also be required to bring your schedule for the week at this time.

Positive Urinalysis testing will result in your immediate return to the Pennington County Jail.

Contact the Work Release Facility or the Job Check Officer any time you have a question regarding your status: 858-3463 or 394-6185.

Pennington County 24/7 Program, 111 New York St., Rapid City, SD 57701 605-716-7366

Reservations - Must be made at least two weeks in advance of the turn in date. Clients will need to come to the 24/7 building at 111 New York St. on the scheduled turn in day at the designated time. Currently, turn-in dates are only on Tuesdays at 10:00am.

  1. Money - Clients will need to bring $115.00 (cash only) at turn-in. Without this amount, the client will not be allowed in the program. $10.00 of the $115.00 will go to the UA test. Clients must produce a clean UA to begin the program. Continuing a turn-in date and time that has been established by Court Order may also result in additional fees being assessed to the client. 
  2. UA - Clients will be required to call a phone number daily to check if they are required to report to 24/7 to for random UA tests. 
  3. Prescriptions - If clients take medications that will produce a positive UA test, valid prescriptions must be brought in for verification. 
  4. Clients must live in Pennington County. 
  5. The Client must be serving time on a Pennington County sentence.
  6. Clients are not permitted to work outside of South Dakota or on reservation lands.


Work Release Inmates

All Work Release inmates must report to the 24/7 facility between the hours of 9am and 10am every Tuesday for a bracelet check, schedule review, and fee collection.

All Inmates will be responsible for any urinalysis testing fees generated while on the program.


Sentenced Inmates

Work Release and School Release fees for sentenced inmates will be collected one week in advance, beginning the first Tuesday after release on Electronic Monitoring.

  • $105 a week, at $15 a day, for Work Release.
  • $42 a week, at $6 a day, for School Release.


Child Support Inmates

Work Release fees, Warrant fees, and Child Support fees will be collected the first business day after each scheduled paycheck (Monday - Friday; 8am to 5pm).

  • Inmates will call 394-6116 (main jail line) and set up a time with front desk staff to make a deposit into the kiosk that is located in the front lobby of the jail.
  • Inmates will deposit the net amount of each paycheck into the cash kiosk located in the main Jail Lobby.
  • Inmates that are paid by check or direct deposit must deposit the cash equivalent to the net amount on their pay stub; less any financial institution processing fees (receipt required).
  • Inmates will turn in a pay stub to jail clerical staff each time they are paid; reflecting hours worked, pay rate, deductions, and net dollar amount.
  • 100% of Work Release fees will be deducted ($42 a week, at $6 a day).
  • 100% of Outstanding Warrant fees will be deducted.
  • 50% of the remaining amount will be applied to the Child Support Bond.
  • The account balance after mandatory fee deductions may be requested from clerical staff as a Cash-Out.