Auditor's Office

The Auditor’s Office is responsible for auditing all accounts and maintaining all financial records in and for Pennington County. This includes processing payroll, preparing the annual budget, establishing levies and apportioning of all tax collections. Monthly audits of all cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer and a verification of bank account balances are performed. Annual Financial Reports are prepared indicating the receipts and expenditures, liabilities and equity, and assets of the County.

The Auditor is the clerk for the Board of County Commissioners and keeps an accurate record of their official proceedings including the Board of Equalization hearings. The Auditor preserves all documents, books, and records as required by law.

The Auditor performs all the duties required by law relative to all County, State and Federal elections held in the County. The Auditor also maintains all records of voter registration and election history.

Citizens have the right to access all Auditor's Office documents and proceedings to allow for effective public oversight.  If documents are not posted on the website, they may be viewed at the Auditor's Office by appointment.  Please contact our office by calling 394-2153 to set an appointment.