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The Pennington County Victims Assistance Program is committed to ensuring that crime victims receive the rights to which they are entitled.  We are also committed to providing services and advocacy to help crime victims recover from the trauma of their victimization.

If you are a victim of a violent crime or vehicular battery, you are entitled to certain rights under the provisions of the 1991 South Dakota Victims Rights Act.  Although you are entitled to be notified of your rights by the prosecutor, you must inform the prosecutor if you want to exercise these rights.

For more information and to talk with someone, please call 605-394-2191.


Alexandra Sterling, Director

Jeanne Mann, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Rochelle Redetzke, Victim Advocate

Darryl Keys, Victim Advocate

Ginger Martin, Victim Advocate

Anita Bushall, Victim Advocate

Jordan Graham, Victim Advocate

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