Outpatient Treatment

Our integrative Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs for men and women are offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 p.m.  Clinical staff members are trained in evidence-based treatment curriculums to include cognitive-behavioral therapies, motivational interviewing, Matrix Model, Moral Reconation Therapy, and 12-step models.

Our licensed and certified staff help guide you to:

  • Find hope when you thought there was none.
  • Break the no-talk rule that surrounds addictions.
  • Believe in the deepest part of your soul that you can trust this process.
  • Utilize tools you can use in your daily life.
  • Have a lasting recovery.


Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program will help improve:

  • Education and self awareness regarding substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  • Communication skills between you and your family.
  • Your self esteem.
  • Your decision-making strategies.
  • Your self-care.
  • Your assertiveness.
  • Your relationships.
  • Community support systems.

Research shows that long-term recovery from alcohol and drug dependency is achieved by a solid foundation of a caring, supportive therapy in a stable and structured environment. The longer one stays free from alcohol and addictive chemicals, the better the chances of stopping the destructive cycle of dependence and addictions. Our treatment philosophy is 12-step based. We help clients recognize the benefits of meeting others who succeed daily in overcoming the effects of this biopsychosocial disease. Our entire staff is committed to your recovery, and we work together as a strong team to support you and your family through this process.