Law Enforcement Division - Transport/Security Division

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The Transport/Security Division is overseen by Captain Chris Hislip and staffed with two Sergeants, five Deputies, twelve full-time and three part-time Transport/Security Officers and two Administrative Support Staff. The Sheriff's Office has a security post at the Pennington County Administration Building and also operates the security station at the Pennington County Courthouse.


The Sheriff's Office is tasked by statute with the custody and control of pre-trial defendants and sentenced prisoners. The statute requires the Sheriff to transport prisoners on writs, as well as to and from evaluations and other court ordered transports. The Transport/Security Division moves prisoners from the Pennington County Jail to prison, evaluations, medical appointments, and court. This division also manages the transportation of two round trips per week to the South Dakota State Penitentiary and offsets expenses by offering transport services to other counties and the state.  


Prisoner Transport Statistics   

   2017 2018  2019  2020  2021  2022
 Local Transports 9,441 9,436 11,727 10,067 10,480  9,581
 Inmate Transports East  7,179 7,238 7,391 5,724 6,005 6,059
These numbers do not include walk-overs to court.