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The Storm Water Management Plan is jointly managed by the Planning Department and Highway Department.

Where do Storm Drains Go?

It is a common fallacy that stormwater is treated. Storm drains connect to a system of pipes and culverts that drain directly to a creek or stream, without treatment. Storm drains were created to prevent flooding and transport water off of impervious surfaces such as driveways and roads. When pollutants, such as leaves, oil, paint and sediment are disposed of in storm drains, they can carry pollutants directly to the creek or stream and become clogged.
Pollutants from storm drains contaminate creeks and streams and can have adverse affects on plants, animals, fish and people. In order to help people understand that storm drains transport water and pollutants directly to nearby creeks and streams, Pennington County will begin labeling all of the storm drains within urbanized areas.