Motor Vehicle Title & License

The Treasurer’s Office titles and licenses all new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, mobile homes, snowmobiles, boats, ATV’s and commercial vehicles in Pennington County. The office also releases and notates motor vehicle liens and assists taxpayers in applying for duplicate titles. All portable handicap permits are issued through this office with the correct doctor verification forms.

All mobile homes are assessed for taxes through the Equalization Office (please call 605-394-2175 for more information about your assessment). To transfer the title or get a moving permit for a mobile home please see our FAQ.

Vehicle registrations are on a staggered licensing system based on the first letter of the owner’s last name or the first letter of the company name (see the table to left). Registrations cannot be renewed by anyone other than the owner without written authorization from the owner or the renewal card from the state. See our FAQ for additional information on renewing a registration, including payment options.

South Dakota residents have 45 days from the date of purchase of a new or used motor vehicle to transfer the title into their name. A penalty of $1 per week up to 26 weeks will be assessed for late transfers. The penalty for a transfer after 26 weeks is $50.00. In addition, interest of 1% and penalties will apply to the 4% vehicle excise tax once the 45 days has lapsed with additional fees due on the 60th day after purchase. For more information on transferring a title, including information on out of state title transfers, imports, and excise tax see our FAQ.

Titling requires providing a valid South Dakota driver’s license or ID for each owner or a clear photo copy of proof of your social security number AND a valid out of state driver’s license or ID. Businesses must provide their FEIN #.

Know your county- if you live in Box Elder your physical address could be either Pennington County or Meade County. South Dakota residents must register their vehicles in the county they reside.

Paperwork mailed in is receipted in and worked in the order it is received -not necessarily on the day it arrives from your chosen carrier. Expect up to two weeks plus processing time. Requests to the contrary are subject to Administrative fees.

If you have questions please see our FAQ. You may also give us a call at 605-394-2163 or use our Contact Us form to send us an email.