Seasonal Load Limits

By State Law, SDCL 32-22-24, Spring Load Limits may be placed as early as February 15 and may stay on through April 30.  Time of implementation and removal is dependent on weather and road conditions. Load limits are effective on Pennington County asphalt roads when the signs are installed and displayed. News releases shall be issued when Seasonal Load Limits are implemented and removed, however, the load limits shown on signs shall take precedence over any published information. If you have further questions regarding Seasonal Load Limits on Pennington County roads, please contact the Pennington County Highway Department at 605-394-2166.

The Pennington County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution on February 6, 2024 authorizing the extension of 2024 seasonal load limits to be effective February 6, 2024 due to climatic conditions. Resolution 2024-02-06-1


NEW   Effective September 25, 2023, Pennington County has established perpetual six (6) tons per axle load limit restrictions on portions of Long View Road, Old Folsom Road and South Valley Drive. In addition, South Valley Drive has been established as a no through truck zone for trucks over 12,000 pounds GVW. Resolution 2023-09-05-1 and Map Establishing Load Limit and Through Truck Restrictions