Development Guide


The purpose of the Development Guide is to provide general guidance through the land development process in Pennington County. This guide is not intended to provide every requirement or technical detail of each phase of land use and development. This guide is intended to help you understand the various requirements and acquire the appropriate permits to develop a property.



Pennington County’s standards, policies, and regulations associated with land use and development are created in order to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens, while protecting the property rights of the land owners. This guide is intended to assist you through the required processes in order to ensure you can complete your project successfully and in full compliance with County regulations and the Comprehensive Plan View to 2040.

The Development Process includes the following:

  1. Proper zoning for the proposed use of the property. Rezoning may be required if the proposed development is not feasible under the current zoning.
  2. Platting of the property, unless the property is already platted or is grandfathered.
  3. Storm Water Permit.
  4. Environmental Requirements.
  5. Building Permit and Certificate of Compliance.

The number of steps in the process are dictated by the current status of the property as well as your development plans and existing circumstances. In order to determine what steps must be taken to complete your project you are required to schedule a Pre-Development Meeting with County Staff. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your proposed project and receive guidance from County Staff regarding the submittal process and requirements. This guide will provide a basic overview of the timing of the different processes and hearings that must be completed prior to development.


Development Process

Flow Chart