Fire Administration

Pennington County Fire Administration

provides the following services:

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance to all volunteer firefighters in Pennington County, as directed by state law.

  • Vehicle Liability Insurance for all fire vehicles that are owned or co-owned by Pennington County and/or local volunteer fire department(s).

  • Financial Assistance to Pennington County volunteer fire departments to purchase vital firefighting equipment and vehicles, training, and other fire-related activities.

  • County Fire Hub for fire-related items (may include, but is not limited to, administration, training, financial, public and/or news media relations, operations -- both structural and wild land, and hazardous material.)

  • Advise the Pennington County Board of Commissioners on fire-related activities.

  • Liaison between law enforcement agencies, state and national agencies, various other county officials, and other fire departments.

**Pennington County Fire Administration does not provide direct fire suppression activities or duties. This is the responsibility of the volunteer and career fire departments that serve Pennington County.


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