Inmate Programs - IGNITE

What is IGNITE?

Individual Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education.


IGNITE encompasses all programming within the facility to include comprehensive education, post-incarceration work opportunities, job certificates, financial awareness instruction, substance use services, religious programming, and guidance on how to develop relationships to promote healthy relationships to promote personal growth and workplace success.


The initiative requires small public investment, but remains stable with strong community support. Officials from other states report that IGNITE reduces violence in jails, raises morale among inmates and officer and has lowered recidivism rates. Pennington County is relatively new when it comes to the idea of IGNITE and we are still quantifying data, increasing programming opportunities as well as developing more community partners to fulfill the long-term benefits of the program for both the individual and the community as a whole. IGNITE participants will work to improve their knowledge through education for personal growth and success.


 The jail IGNITE initiative currently offers a variety of different programs that rotate on a monthly basis. Those programs include: Alcohol Anonymous, Active Relationships Class - Youth and Family Services, Celebrate Recovery, Ins and Outs of Renting - Consumer Credit Counseling of the Black Hills, GED – Pearson Vue Testing Site, Master Your Health, Narcotics Anonymous, R.E.A.C.T, Touch the Cloud - I Am Legacy, Wasigla (grieving) Group - Oyate Health Center, WAVI Support Group, Yoga and various bible studies, ministries and church services.