Community Interaction

Tours for Public/Professionals

Due to juvenile confidentiality requirements, persons under the age of 21 years of age are not allowed into the facility for tours. Professionals working in the juvenile justice system and civic organizations may be allowed to tour the facility at the discretion of the Commander. Inquiries related to facility tours can be directed to the Commander at 394-2639.

Volunteer Services

A volunteer/citizen involvement program exists to help generate a variety of services for juveniles during confinement. Use of volunteers’ permits increases personal contact for the juveniles, broadens community resources for the facility, and increases public awareness regarding the mission, philosophy and activities of the WSDJSC. The WSDJSC encourages volunteers from all cultural and socioeconomic segments of the community. Volunteers represent many civic organizations, educational institutions, churches, businesses, and individuals.

Professionals who volunteer their services must be currently certified or licensed in their area of expertise.

Program/interaction options are specific and have volunteer job descriptions. Each job description details the purpose, time commitment, qualifications, responsibilities, training and support required and/or provided.

Volunteer Services are classified into four general categories:

  • Direct Contact Volunteer: Any person who, of his/her free will, provides services to the facility with no monetary or material gain.
  • Material Goods/Services Donor: Any person who provides goods or services to the facility but has no direct contact with the juveniles.
  • Interns: Students referred to WSDJSC for the purpose of an introduction and orientation to WSDJSC, followed by actual performance of services.
  • Advisory Board Members: Those persons approved to sit on the WSDJSC Advisory Board.

Sample volunteer opportunities: Foster Friend, Religious Classes or Discussion Leader, Arts/Crafts Leader, Reading & Literature Discussion Leader, Chorus Instructor, Recreation or Physical Fitness Coach/Leader, Library Services Facilitator, Leisure Time Activities Leader, Teacher's Aid/Tutor, Community Services Projects Facilitator, Office Assistant, Special Events or Holidays Facilitator, and other ideas of volunteers.

All volunteers must complete the following steps and be approved by WSDJSC Administration:

  • Complete a volunteer application and sign a criminal record check waiver.
  • Submit application and waiver to WSDJSC Administration.
  • Complete an interview with WSDJSC Administration.
  • Discuss program assignments and expectations using job description.
  • Sign volunteer agreement and confidentiality commitment.
  • Tour facility and observe programming.
  • Complete orientation training appropriate to the nature of the volunteer assignment.

Suggestions from volunteers for improving the volunteer programs are encouraged, both during and following their experience at WSDJSC. Volunteer services are closely monitored by WSDJSC administration to assure quality interactions with detainees.

Volunteer services may be curtailed, postponed, and/or discontinued if they do not serve the best interests of the detainees and/or fail to meet the expectations of the WSDJSC.