Inmate Email & Mail

The Pennington County Jail recognizes the importance for inmates to maintain ties with family and friends. 


Due to the danger posed to inmates and staff with illegal drugs trafficked through inmate mail,
All postage stamps must be purchased on commissary. Incoming mail containing stamps will be returned to sender.
All general mail will be scanned and a facsimile will be provided to the inmate. Originals will be discarded.
Inmate Email is encouraged.  



Email allows for rapid communication and is available at a lower cost than postage. Email service is available through the InmateSales App or at for $0.50 per email.                       

InmateSales App




Inmates may send and receive mail while in the Pennington County Jail. All letters must go out and come into the facility through the United States Postal Service. Inmates may write an unlimited number of letters providing they have sufficient postage. Inmates may purchase stamps from commissary. Indigent inmates may send an unlimited number of legal letters and may request postage for one, 1 oz. letter per week within the Continental U.S. The Pennington County Jail reserves the right to inspect incoming or outgoing mail for contraband.

To mail letters to inmates please address the envelope as follows:

Inmate's Name (Inmate # if known)
Pennington County Jail
307 St. Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD 57701





The Pennington County Jail is committed to ensuring that all inmates and visitors are protected under Federal, State and City Ordinances. Under SDCL 25-10-13, Violation of Protection Orders or No Contact Orders may be considered a misdemeanor or felony. Any contact with the protected person(s) is a violation; whether it’s direct contact or through a third party. The Pennington County Jail will notify Law Enforcement of any violations of SDCL 25-10-13 that occur by way of mail, email, phone, and visitation or through third party contact.