Queuing System

How do I get into the queue using the weblink?

Click on the weblink: Pennington County Queue

Enter your first and last name and your phone number into the required fields.

If you are processing on behalf of a business, please enter the name and phone number of the individual processing the transaction in the office and the business name in the company name field.

In the 'How can we help you today?" field select your transaction type. There are descriptions for each selection to assist you in choosing the correct one. If you believe none of the descriptions fit your transaction, please select 'Other'.  Once all the required fields have been entered hit 'Join'. You will receive a text confirming your place in line and estimated wait time if you entered a cell phone number. Once it is your turn you will receive another text telling you which desk to go to. 

If you don't have a cell phone, we have multiple monitors in the lobby displaying the queue. Watch for your name- once it's your turn your name will move to the top with the desk number you are being called to. 


 Queue Login