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Tax Deed Auction

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All delinquent taxes, penalties and interests are abated and are not the responsibility of the new owner of deed.

All special assessments, except for delinquent municipal special assessments (SDCL 10-25-12), are abated from the property. Only municipal special assessments, delinquent, current and future, stay with the property and are the responsibility of the new owner.  As per SDCL 10-25-12, the property is also subject to any claim that the state may have in the property for taxes, liens, or encumbrances.  It is presumed that existing federal liens remain against the property.   Any information or questions or negotiations on these liens need to be directed to the appropriate form of government, not the County.

The issuance of a tax deed pursuant to SDCL 10-25-12 appears to release all other liens of record against the property, not the person.  Examples are: county liens, mechanic liens, special assessments of all non-municipal governments, judgments and mortgages.  

At the conclusion of this sale, Pennington County will issue and file a Quit Claim Deed to the property in the name requested by the purchaser. Pennington County makes no guarantee of absolute fee simple marketable title to the property.  It is recommended by the marketable title standards that the purchaser of a County quit claim deed pursue a QUIET TITLE ACTION in order to acquire marketable title to the property (SDCL Chapter 43-30, title standards 26-01 & 26-02).

Mary Israel, Deputy Auditor



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40885 Millard, Block 4, S2" of Lot 14
43227 Golden Reef Millsite MS 509, Private Drive Located Within Golden Reefmillsite #509 As Shown On Plat Book 11, Page 248
44367 Farmingdale; Block 8; Lot 14.  Located in Sec 14, T1S, R10E, Pennington County, South Dakota
45498 Berger Subd, 25' Private Roadway Between Lots A-D of Tract 6
45646 10' Drainage Easement Located Between Lots 1-10 as shown on Replat of Blk 1 in Steel File Plats in Register of Deeds' Records Block 1 Robbinsdale Terrace #2
46687 Berger Subd, Eagle Rd, A Platted 25' Private Rd Lying Between Lot E Revised and Lot F Revised of Tract 6 and Lying Between Lot G and Lot H of Tract 6
57858 Balance of Tract A Trailwood Village
61028 Lot 16 Block 1 PLM SUBD
61912 Lot 2 Block 7 I-90 Heartland Business Park
62629 Lot 25 Less E6.7' Block 11 Hall Subd
Unplatted Balance of SE1/4SE1/4 Less Row; S1/2 Vac Sunnyside Ave, Vac Cambell St, N1/2 Vac Alley and E1/2 Vac Riley St Adj to Said Parcel
67844 Unplatted Balance of NE1/4NW1/4, Section 24 T1n R07E