Frequently Asked Questions

Dispatch Center

What should I do if I accidentally call 911?
DO NOT HANG UP. Stay on the line and speak with the 911 Dispatcher. This saves very valuable time and resources. If you hang up, the 911 Dispatcher has to call you back to find out if an emergency really exists. A law enforcement officer may be sent to investigate and verify that everything is all right.
Why do 911 Dispatchers ask so many questions?
911 Dispatchers are trained to verify all your information and ask a series of questions so the appropriate help is sent to the correct location quickly and efficiently. You can expedite the process by staying calm, answering all questions and following all instructions to the best of your ability. You may be asked to stay on the line until law enforcement, fire or medical personnel arrives. Don't hang up until the Dispatcher tells you it is okay.
Do you know my location when I call in?
911 Dispatchers are trained to verify your address so help gets to the correct location as quickly as possible. However, sometimes callers are unable to communicate or do not know their location. When dialing 911 from a standard land line, the address is normally available to the 911 Dispatcher. Wireless phone companies are also usually able to provide Dispatchers with cell phone locations.
Will I get an immediate response from the public safety agency if I call 911?
All law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services will respond to your need as quickly as possible. If these agencies are busy, a response will be provided in the order of urgency. 
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