Disqualifying Offenses

Automatic Disqualifiers for Pennington County ESCC

  1. Omission or falsification of information requested and/or provided by applicant, including but not limited to:

      • Failure to disclose criminal conviction, arrest or activity,

      • Failure to disclose employer misconduct, disciplinary action or termination.

      • Falsifying education, licensure, military or certification documents or experience.

      • Any information provided or omitted with the intention to prevent derogatory information from discovery.

  2. Any felony conviction to include sealed and suspended sentences.

  3. Any Class 1 Misdemeanor convictions within two (2) years of application date.

  4. Any usage of a federal or state illegal drug within the last twelve months.

  5. Currently under investigation for criminal involvement or in process of prosecution.

  6. Currently satisfying sentence requirements such as probation, suspended license, restitution, etc.

  7. Unable to obtain a South Dakota Driver's License within 90 days of state residency.

  8. Ineligible to obtain required position specific licensure and/or certification as governed by State Statute and Administrative Rules.  


Possible Disqualifiers for Pennington County ESCC

  1. Unfavorable employment references.

  2. History of workplace misconduct.

  3. Pattern of poor character.

  4. Poor job stability.

  5. Failure to follow process instructions.

  6. Pattern of law enforcement involvements.

  7. Integrity related offenses.

  8. Other than honorable military discharge.

  9. History of confidentiality violations.