2023 Commodity Flow Study

Rapid City / Pennington County Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study: 2023

This project is intended to update and enhance the 2011 Rapid City / Pennington County Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study. The purpose of the proposed 2023 hazardous materials commodity flow study is to identify the types, quantities, and locations of hazardous materials originating, terminating, or moving through Pennington County. This information will be used by stakeholder organizations to inform preparedness measures necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the release of hazardous materials within Pennington County.

Specifically, organizations have expressed interest in using an updated hazardous materials commodity flow study to evaluate current detection capabilities, personal protective gear and mitigation supplies, decontamination products and strategies, response training, and available medical countermeasures. The 2011 study was limited to roadway transportation and exclusively relied on point-in-time surveys of vehicles displaying hazardous materials warning placards. The 2023 project envisions employing multiple information gathering strategies to cover all pertinent modes of hazardous material transportation within Pennington County.

Submissions Due to the Pennington County LEPC no later than Tuesday, August 1, 5:00 PM

Download the full Commodity Flow Study REQUEST FOR QUOTE information packet HERE