Burn Regulations
Pennington County Fire Administration DOES NOT issue burn permits.  
Burn permits for West of Highway 79 in Pennington County
can be obtained by visiting the Burn Permit Website or calling 800-275-4955.
Open fires within the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection Boundary (West of Highway 79 in Pennington County) fall under the regulations of the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District. Open fires are prohibited unless in a designated campground or picnic area. Private property locations MUST obtain permits for open burning, fireplaces, and incinerators through SD Wildland Fire.
  • SDWL - Burn Permit (WEST of HWY 79) Website:  This includes information for burn barrels, permanently fixed fire pits, and outdoor fire pits as well.  Contain and monitor your burn piles! Permits are required to burn in the Black Hills Fire Protection District. Permits are issued Nov 1 to March 31 each year. For more info visit wildlandfire.sd.gov/ and click on burn permits. #keepSDsafe
Burn Regulations for East of South Dakota Highway 79 in Pennington County
Ordinance #726 (Open Burning - June 3, 2021) applies to all areas in Pennington County except (1) the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District; (2) any municipality and, (3) any land in Pennington County that is under the ownership or jurisdiction of the Federal Government or State of South Dakota.
South Dakota Codified Law 7-8-20(18).  It allows the County Commissioners to prohibit or restrict open burning, after consultation with local fire officials and law enforcement officials, in order to protect public health and safety, and allows the County to prohibit open burning under certain conditions based on the National Weather Service Grassland Fire Danger Index. The penalty is a $500 fine or 30 days in jail or both.
Black Hills Area Fire Restrictions interactive map to view restrictions, websites, and contact information for the following areas:  U.S. Forest Service Lands, National Park Service Lands, Bureau of Land Management, and State Park Lands.