Current Board Openings
The Pennington County Board of Commissioners accepts interest forms from citizens looking to serve on a variety of Boards or Committees throughout the County. Please click here for the appointment process. 
Citizens interested in serving are required to complete a Citizen Interest Form and Background Waiver unless otherwise noted. These forms are unable to be submitted directly online. Please complete the forms and 1) mail or hand deliver to the Commission Office or 2) attach them to an email and send to



Opened: December 13, 2023
Closes: Open until filled

The Pennington County Board of Commissioners is now accepting applications to fill a Weed & Pest Board vacancy representing Area 2. Any qualified elector residing within Area 2 (Highway 79 to Cheyenne River) are eligible for a three-year appointment. Board members are reimbursed for mileage and are paid $50.00 per day per diem for attendance at official meetings and functions.     

Board meetings are traditionally held bimonthly from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM at the Pennington County Natural Resources Office located in Rapid City.

Those who want to be considered for an appointment are asked to submit a citizen interest form describing their qualifications and background to the Pennington County Board of Commissioners. Please include your agency or community affiliation (if applicable), your particular interests as related to a board of this kind, and what you can contribute to such a board. You may also submit supporting information such as a resume. Citizen interest forms can be found on the County website at

All citizen interest forms must be submitted to the County Commission Office located on the first floor of the County Administration Building, 130 Kansas City Street, Rapid City, SD. 

For additional information contact Scott Guffey, Pennington County Natural Resources Director at (605) 394-5320.