State's Attorney's Office

The Pennington County State's Attorney is the chief prosecutor of adult and juvenile crimes in Pennington County, but that is only a part of the work we do.  We also represent the community in Abuse and Neglect proceedings, mental health commitment hearing and advise the other Pennington County departments, as well as the Board of County Commissioners, on legal matters.  Within these roles, our office serves this community through several important programs.

  • Juvenile Diversion Program and Young Adult Diversion Program - plays a leading role in diverting young people out of the criminal justice system by helping them understand the consequences of their crimes and help them make better choices about their futures.
  • Victims Assistance Program - comprised of several Victim Advocates that help victims navigate a system that may be unfamiliar to them.
  • Drug Court - a five-phase intervention program to help people who are significantly affected by drug addictions.
  • DUI Court - holds habitual offenders accountable while providing them the necessary tools for long term sobriety.
  • Veterans Court - a voluntary program that provides intensive case management to adult felony offenders whose service in the U.S. Armed Forces has resulted in substance abuse and/or mental health disorders.
  • Safety and Justice Challenge

Additional Resources

Issue or ConcernContact AgencyPhone Number
Child Support Enforcement Department of Social Services 605-394-2525
Consumer Fraud SD Attorney General's Office 800-300-1986
Criminal Record Searches Clerk of Courts Criminal Division 605-394-2570
Custody Issues Contact a private attorney.  
Divorce Issues Contact a private attorney.  
Foster Care Information Foster One South Dakota (DSS)  
Juror Information Unified Judicial System  
Landlord/Tenant Disputes SD Attorney General's Office 800-300-1986

Obtaining an Attorney

State Bar of South Dakota 800-952-2333
Suspected Child Abuse Law Enforcement or
Department of Social Services
Telemarketing Fraud SD Attorney General's Office 800-300-1986