PREA - Prison Rape Elimination Act


What is PREA

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was enacted by Congress in 2003 to establish a zero tolerance of sexual abuse in any federal, state or local confinement facility. National standards regarding detection, prevention and response to sexual abuse, as well as gathering data were finalized and went into effect in August 2013.

The Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center (WSDJSC) is committed to ensuring a safe and humane environment for all detainees and has zero tolerance for all forms of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct within its facility.

Sexual contact between inmates and/or staff is not permitted at the Western South Dakota Juveniles Services Center. According to South Dakota Codified Law 22-22-7.6: sexual acts between any person employed at a juvenile correctional facility and detainees is a felony which is punishable by two years in a state penitentiary and a $2,000.00 fine. Detainees engaging in consensual sexual contact are in violation of facility rules and will face disciplinary action.


How to Report a PREA Related Incident

The facility provides multiple ways for reporting allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and/or sexual misconduct and all allegations are thoroughly investigated. If deemed criminal, law enforcement is immediately notified. There are no time constraints on making a report.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office employs an agency-wide PREA Coordinator and a PREA Manager for the Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center (WSDJSC).

Methods of reporting include but not are limited to:

  • To call the PREA Coordinator, dial 605-394-6116 and follow the prompts. Calls are monitored Monday - Friday during business hours.
  • To email the PREA Coordinator, click HERE. Emails are reviewed Monday - Friday during business hours.
  • To make an emergent report, call 911.
  • For non-emergent reporting to Law Enforcement, call dispatch at 605-394-2151.


PREA Investigation Disposition Types

Substantiated Allegation an allegation was investigated and determined to have occurred. 

Unsubstantiated Allegation an allegation was investigated and the investigation produced insufficient evidence to make a final determination as to whether or not the event occurred.

Unfounded Allegation an allegation was investigated and determined not to have occurred.


PREA Data Collection 

WSDJSC began implementing and complying with the PREA standards regarding data collection in 2016. Going forward, data will continue to be kept and analyzed per PREA standards, identifying problem areas and taking corrective action on an on-going basis.

Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center Data
PREA Audit Reports