Do I need to have an appointment?
Yes.  When you call for an appointment, you will be informed of the required information to bring for your appointment.

If I have an emergency, do I need an appointment?
Please call us at 605-394-2156 and we will make a determination after we gather information on your situation.

Do I need to be a Pennington County resident?

Do I need to have a source of income (employment, disability, social security, etc.)?

Do services need to be pre-approved?
Non-emergency services must have prior approval.

Do I need to be married or have children?
No.  Services are provided for the individual.

Does Human Services provide direct medical care?
No.  However, the department does make appropriate referrals to the medical community.

Do I need to repay the county when they provide assistance?
Possibly. This is dependent upon which funds are utilized.  A lien may be placed against you and a repayment plan will be established.

What is a lien?
The dictionary defines a lien as "A charge or encumbrance on property for the satisfaction of a debt or other duty."   According to South Dakota state law, "When any county shall furnish relief to any person, such county shall have a claim against the person so relieved for the value of such relief, which may be enforced against any property, not exempt from execution, which such person may have or later acquire."

What happens if I do not repay the county?
Regular payments need to be established and all efforts need to be made to make the payments.  In case of nonpayment, Pennington County has contracted with a collection agency.  If a client is making no effort to repay, the account will be turned over to that agency.