Dispatcher Suitability Questionnaire

Is a Career at 911 Right for You?


Working at 911 is incredibly rewarding. We pride ourselves in the work we do, but we also recognize it is not for everyone. Take a moment to read through this questionnaire to see if a career at 911 is right for you.


  1. Are you a person of high moral character and integrity?

  2. Do you have compassion, good judgement and a high degree of emotional self-control?

  3. Are you able to follow direction, policies, and procedures?

  4. Do you pride yourself in providing a high level of customer service and professionalism?

  5. Are you able to maintain composure and make sound decisions in highly stressful situations?

  6. Are you able to develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, members of various user agencies, organizations, and the public?

  7. Are you able to work in areas where light levels and noise levels vary significantly?

  8. Are you able to sit in a stationary position, answer phone calls and perform data entry for the duration of an 8 or 12-hour shift?

  9. Are you willing to work holidays, nights, and weekends?

  10. Are you willing to have your 2 days off during the week versus the weekend?

  11. Are you willing to work 8 or 12-hour rotating shifts to include two months on days, two on afternoons and two on nights?

  12. Are you willing to work overtime with little, if any, notice depending on operational needs?

  13. Are you prepared to work a full-time position that does not support secondary employment within a one-year probationary period?

  14. Are you able to work a schedule that does not allow for special scheduling requests and accommodations (i.e. school schedules, secondary employment, etc.)?

  15. Are you ready for a challenging yet rewarding job?

  16. Are your loved ones supportive of your career choice?

  17. Do you thrive in a fast-paced and exciting work environment?

  18. Do you have a desire to place service above self?