Visitors - Clergy


Clergy who are not part of the Religious Advisory Committee or jail programming may visit inmates from the public side by using the video visitation monitors. 

Scheduling in advance is recommended to ensure availability. You may do so by calling 605-394-6116. 

Clergy must check in with the front desk staff upon arrival and provide a Government photo ID and documentation of religious leadership or their certificate of ordination.




Members are ordained and/or recognized religious leaders representing each historical religious groups. 

Members are allowed access to all parts of the Jail to provide religious liaison and counsel to the inmates. 

  • Visiting times are based on the inmate's classification and the times are consistent with Special Management Visitation, General Population Maximum Security Visitation and General Population Visitation.
  • The visitor checks in with the front desk/control room upon arrival and is issued a Jail Clergy badge in exchange for their Government issued photo ID.

  • The visitor signs the Programs/Volunteer sign in book with their name and arrival time.

  • Visitors are responsible for complying with the prohibited items that includes, but is not limited to: weapons, purses, briefcases, tobacco products, lighters, matches, cellphones, pagers, other electronic devices and personal laptops. Lockers are available near the front desk for storage of prohibited items. 

  • Visitors will be required to pass through the metal detector without it sounding. If the visitor has articles of clothing or a medical condition that requires a brace, etc. a smaller wand will be utilized by staff for clearance.