Detox Program

Level III.2D Social-Setting Detoxification

The Care Campus offers up to 46 residential detox beds for both adult males and females. Medical supervision is provided by trained nursing staff and emergency medical technicians under the oversight of our medical physician director. Medical referrals can be made to the appropriate medical facilities for acute care of presenting symptoms, possibly medicated, and then returned to our facility for continued monitoring and observation. Collaborative relationships between the Care Campus, Rapid City Regional Hospital and Sioux San Indian Health Services provides for a cost-effective way to provide adequate care to clients.

Our residential detoxification program provides 24-hour supervision, observation, and support for clients who are intoxicated or experiencing withdrawal. All clients are seen by a chemical dependency counselor to identify and address immediate problems and needs. Care Campus staff members use client-centered approaches in hopes of developing a client-driven treatment plan conducive to positive lifestyle changes. Emphasis is placed on treatment engagement and peer/social supports.