Pennington County Courthouse Centennial Celebration
Capsule Location
1922 Time Capsule
2022 Time Capsule Inside Contents
1922 Time Capsule

As part of the centennial celebration of the Pennington County Courthouse, the County opened the 1922 time capsule on September 7, 2022.

Found inside was a variety of well-preserved items that are currently on display in the Courthouse Rotunda. Items such as coins, business cards, newspapers, photographs, local business information including the Duhamel Company and even a surprise can of ‘snuff’ were included.

2022 Time Capsule

Pennington County placed a new time capsule to mark the start of another 100 years of history.  The new time capsule was placed in the same location in the Courthouse as the previous time capsule was discovered in on September 7, 2023.

The Freemasons of South Dakota were present to dedicate the time capsule and give their blessing continuing the ritual for public buildings.

For the new time capsule, the County asked citizens to donate stories, memories, and mementos representative of the people, cultures, and communities that make up Pennington County. Many items were submitted that tell the story of our current time. 

Please click here for an itemized list of the items placed in the 2022 Time Capsule. 

Please click here to see the images of the items placed in the 2022 Time Capsule. 

Please click here to see the images of the 2022 Time Capsule Placement Ceremony.