Queuing System

New Queuing System!

Join the queue to reserve your place in line before you head down to the Treasurer’s Office. Enter in your first and last name, your phone number, and the reason for your visit. Please read the descriptions to select the appropriate transaction. Our new feature allows you to save your spot in line while having the flexibility to wait in your car, at home, choose to run an errand or go have lunch!

If you enter a cell phone number you will receive a text confirming your place in the queue and estimated wait time. Once you have arrived at the Treasurer’s Office reply ‘2’ to the text. You may also stop at the attendant’s station on your way to the lobby to check in as arrived. You will then receive a text stating which desk to go to once it is your turn. Please note: your position in line and estimated wait time will not update until you check in as arrived. Then your reserved spot in line will be activated. 

No smart phone? No problem! We have an attendant available to assist all citizens with getting into the line queue at the entrance to the Treasurer’s Office lobby if needed.  We will get you logged in and we have multiple monitors in the lobby to see your spot in line and which desk to go to once you are called.

Reserve your place in line here!

All transactions must be completed before 6pm Monday-Thursday. We recommend being in the lobby before 5pm to ensure sufficient time to complete your transaction. 

*You will not be able to join the queue from the weblink or QR code after 5pm. Please see our attendant to be logged into the queue.*

Can I join the queue before you open at 7am?

How do I get into the queue using the weblink?

How do I join the queue using the QR code?

I don't have time to wait, can I leave and come back later?