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Sheriff's Office - Job Descriptions/Organizational Chart Overview

Sheriff's Office Organizational Chart 2021


Sheriff's Office Job Classifications

The below is a representation of position opportunities under the Pennington County Sheriff's Office.  Some positions are general job descriptions with multiple assignment options.  For example, the Deputy Sheriff position can be assigned to work in the following areas: patrol, criminal investigations, warrants, transport, civil, unified narcotics task force, internet crimes against children, hills patrol, boat patrol, contract communities, school resource and others.  The essential duties and responsibilities would remain the same as the Deputy Sheriff job description provided below. 

Positions Serving all Divisions Job Description Listing

Accountant II

Administrative Assistant II-Sheriff

Background Investigator

Chief Deputy Sheriff

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Director of Administrative Services

Human Resources Generalist

Grant Manager

Uniform and Equipment Manager

Training Manager


Computer Support Technician

Medical Director


Public Safety Wellness Coordinator

Public Information Officer


Pennington County Jail (PCJ) Job Description Listing

ACA and PREA Coordinator

Accountant II

Accounting Technician

Booking Technician

Building Service Supervisor

Building Service Technician I

Building Service Technician II

Captain-Jail Security

Captain-Jail Support

Counselor-Mental Health

Jail Commander

Jail Release Coordinator

Licensed Practical Nurse

Correctional Officer I (Adult)

Correctional Officer II

EMT Specialist

Records Specialist I

Records Specialist II

Medical Technician

Mental Health Program Coordinator

Lieutenant-Jail Booking

Lieutenant-Jail Security

Charge Nurse

Office Manager (Jail)


Registered Nurse


Pre-Trial Release Specialist

Work Program Coordinator

Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center Job Description Listing

Accountant II

Counselor-Mental Health

Licensed Practical Nurse

JSC Commander

Licensed Addiction Counselor

Correctional Officer I (Juvenile) 

Correctional Officer II

Records Specialist I

Records Specialist II

Control Room Operator


Juvenile Case Manager

Lieutenant-JSC Security

Registered Nurse



24/7 Program Job Description Listing

24/7 Program Coordinator

24/7 Technician

Staff Assistant IV-24/7 Program 

Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) located at the Care Campus Job Description Listing


Administrative Assistant II-Care Campus

Addiction Counselor Trainee

Housing Director

Clinical Director

Certified Addiction Counselor

Client Driver

Clinical Supervisor

Detox Tech I

Detox Tech II

Licensed Practical Nurse

EMT Specialist

Records Specialist I

Records Specialist II


Registered Nurse

Licensed Addiction Counselor

Law Enforcement (LE) Job Description Listing 

Accountant II

Captain-LE Patrol

Captain-LE Investigations

Captain-LE Civil/Warrants/Transport

Civil Deputy 

Crime Intelligence Analyst

Deputy Sheriff I

Deputy Sheriff II

Lieutenant–LE Patrol

Lieutenant-LE Special Operations

Fleet Supervisor

Forensic Computer Analyst

Records Specialist I

Records Specialist II

Transport Officer

Victim Specialist