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The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office employs 118 of the finest men and women you will find in any law enforcement agency. From Patrol Services, to Support Services, to Investigations, to Transport/Court House Security, Warrants, and Civil, to the 24-7 Program, to Information Technology Services, the School Liaison Program, and the Coroner’s Office, we have careers to fit every law enforcement talent and aspiration.

Captain Corey Brubakken Captain Tony Harrison Captain Marty Graves 

The Law Enforcement Division is overseen by Chief Deputy Willie Whelchel (605-394-6113) and is split into three main divisions each run by a Captain. The Investigations Division, commanded by Captain Corey Brubakken (605-394-6115) also encompasses the School Resource Deputy Program, Coroner’s Office, and Global Training. The Warrants/Transport/Courthouse Security/Civil Division is commanded by Captain Marty Graves (605-394-6117).  The Patrol Division, coupled together with our Reserve Deputy Program, is commanded by Captain Tony Harrison (605-394-6113). Program Manager Lucas Oyler (605-716-7366), runs the 24-7 Program for Pennington County.

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Mission Statement

  • Promoting safety and justice to improve the quality of life in our community.

We are unable to mail out agency patches due to the large number of requests. We will trade patches with certified law enforcement officers who stop by our office in Rapid City upon presentation of credentials.