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Our Commitment to the Community

Pennington County Jail is dedicated to the preservation of human rights and dignity of the inmate population as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and laws of the State of South Dakota. Pennington County Jail seeks to encourage each inmate to take advantage of opportunities provided to promote health, education and personal self-improvement. At a minimum, no inmate shall be released in worse physical or mental condition than when he or she was admitted.

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The Pennington County Jail has implemented visitation changes to facilitate off-site public access and to expand visitation time.
Family and friends are now able to visit inmates from their personal computers or mobile devices. This new feature assists families and visitors who have previously travelled long distances or struggled with available times.
On-site visitation hours have been increased to 8am to 5pm; Monday through Friday.
Visitation time has been added to allow off-site or remote visitation from 8am to 10pm; 7 days a week.
Attorneys and Professional visitors may also take advantage of remote visitation. Encrypted accounts are available to preserve confidentiality.
The Pennington County Jail is committed to ensuring that all inmates and visitors are protected under Federal, State and City Ordinances. Under SDCL 25-10-13, Violation of Protection Orders or No Contact Orders may be considered a misdemeanor or felony. Any contact with the protected person(s) is a violation; whether it’s direct contact or through a third party. The Pennington County Jail will notify Law Enforcement of any violations of SDCL 25-10-13 that occur by way of mail, email, phone, and visitation or through third party contact.