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Meeting Overview

The Pennington County Board of Commissioners typically meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays. 

Meeting Times & Locations: The regular meetings are held at 9:00 am in the Commission Chambers on the first floor of the Pennington County Administration Building located at 130 Kansas City Street, Rapid City, SD. 

Open Meetings Law: All meetings are advertised in accordance with the South Dakota Open Meetings Law.

Agendas: Agendas are typically on the website the Thursday afternoon before the Tuesday meeting. Printed agendas are available at the meetings or in the Commission Office.

Minutes: Minutes for the meetings of the Board of Commissioners are the official record of the meetings and will be posted online and available for public viewing in accordance with state law. 

Consent Agendas: The consent agenda is designed to include non-controversial items that can be dealt with swiftly with one motion. However, any commissioner or citizens can ask to have an item removed from the consent agenda to be dealt with as a regular agenda item.

Public Input: Every regular meeting includes a public input period for citizens to address any issue that is not part of the meeting’s official agenda or public hearing. The Board of Commissioners welcomes public input on policies and issues affecting County government and its function. Public comments shall be germane to the services or policies of the County. Action will not be taken during this item on any issues brought forth that are not properly noticed on the agenda.

Resolutions and Ordinances: Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners express the position of the Board on a specific issue. Ordinances are official actions taken by the Board of Commissioners as a law-making body. Both are maintained by the County Auditor.

Assistant to the Board: Holli Hennies serves as the Assistant to the Board of Commissioners. In this role, Holli prepares agendas and materials for board meetings and completes follow-up action after meetings. She is also the Office Manager for the Commission Office and oversees the daily activities. Citizens may contact her at 605-394-2171 to request to have an item placed on the board's agenda or to inquire about follow-up actions from board meetings.

If you would like to have an item added to the Commission meeting agenda, please complete and submit an agenda item submission request to the Commission Office.